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Fidelity Home Dialysis – Your Nurse in Your Home

We are the 1st

Staff Assisted Home

Hemodialysis Provider

In the State
Of Arkansas


See what else
make us different…


Fidelity Dialysis is anĀ Arkansas based dialysis provider. We provide interim in-center dialysis, home-assisted hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Our certified and licensed staff are dedicated to our patient’s health and comfort.


At Fidelity Dialysis, we passionately support home dialysis. Patients who dialyze at home enjoy more freedom, more control and an overall better quality of life all in the comfort of their own home. Imagine not having to leave your home three times a week to dialyze, instead having a nurse come to you or even being able to dialyze yourself. In addition to the convenience of home dialysis, there are numerous health benefits including fewer hospital stays.


Fidelity Dialysis’s mission is to:
  • Help people with kidney disease lead productive lives
  • Educate patients and their families about renal disease
  • Provide total commitment and respect not only to our patients and their families, but also physicians, their staff and our partners
Based in Arkansas, Fidelity Dialysis is licensed in Home Health Services with a Home Dialysis Designation. With a combined 80 years of industry experience, we are dedicated and devoted to our patients, making sure that they receive the utmost in quality care with meaningful outcomes.
We recognize your health is a great gift, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you best manage it.

Interim In-Center Dialysis

While your home is getting set-up for in-home dialysis, or while you are getting trained in peritoneal dialysis, we offer interim in-center dialysis. What’s unique about Fidelity Dialysis’ in-center treatment is that our patients still enjoy the one-on-one attention that our in-home dialysis patients receive.

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Home-Assisted Hemodialysis

When you choose home-assisted hemodialysis you are choosing freedom. We begin the process by visiting your home and helping you choose where your dialysis should take place. We’ll help you choose a comfortable area.

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Peritoneal Dialysis

When you choose peritoneal dialysis, you are choosing the most flexible dialysis option. Next, a Fidelity Dialysis nurse will then teach you how to perform peritoneal dialysis. Anyone can be taught; no medical background is necessary.

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We Believe

Look at what our patients are saying...

My story began on or about May 10, 2013. This was the beginning of my Nephrology Journey and my relationship with my Nephrologist, Dr. Brian Stephens and Fidelity Dialysis Clinic. Dr. Stephens was a Godsend. He let me know that Stage 4 Renal disease was not a death sentence but a treatable disease that I could get a variety of treatments and live. He was so patient and kind. He explained my choices and sent me to Fidelity for an informative class that seemed as though I should have been the illustrator. The class gave me an opportunity to look at MYSELF. Everything that I thought and felt and why was in the class. I was able to see what I had been going through for months and had no explanations just unanswered questions.
The class explained what my choices were. It taught me the differences between Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis. It explained both processes fully and gave important detailed information for both forms of dialysis. The class and my Doctor equipped me with so much information that I felt empowered enough to make a sound and intelligent decision about my course of care. I felt that I had been taught about the choices at hand and it was time for me to choose.
Consequently I chose Peritoneal Dialysis. The needleless treatment was my sound choice. So I had my surgery to receive my catheter and I was on my way. While my catheter matured I started attending training classes at Elik Dialysis Clinic. This was the most wonderful place I had ever been. I was so scared when I first arrived but everyone was so nice and helpful. Seems as though all the staff knew what I was going through and catered to me like I was the only patient receiving peritoneal dialysis in that clinic.
Vivian, was my nurse, teacher, trainer advisor and friend all rolled into one. She was my trainer the whole 6 weeks. She taught me everything I needed to know from A-Z about peritoneal dialysis. She took time with me to make sure I had the process down to an art. By the time I was home and ready to do my dialysis I had completed my course successfully and felt confident enough to fly solo. Vivian was always a phone call away. I have been on Peritoneal Dialysis for almost 2 years, and it has been a rewarding experience. I learned how to care for MYSELF and do an excellent job at doing so.
I feel so privileged to have received my care and training from Fidelity Dialysis Clinic. I was taught by the best. I feel 900% better since I have learned how to dialyze to live. I have had Fidelity's entire staff (doctors, nurses, social workers, receptionists and dietitians) continued support the entire time. Fidelity has made what I thought was an impossible situation a way of life.

Cynthia A. Stewart

Kira is absolutely wonderful. Pleasant personality, good manners, quite knowledgeable and best of all... it barely hurt at all when she put in the needles. Excellent choice. I'm very pleased. Thank you for taking care of me Eddy. Oh yeah, she even took off the fluid and I didn't cramp.

Lynn Benson

Staff-Assisted Hemodialysis Patient
We had the privilege of working with Fidelity Dialysis within the nursing home for one of our resident's that could not go out into the community for dialysis. The staff was extremely professional and prompt. They responded quickly if there was a question or concern. The only problem we encountered was not having proper storage for equip etc. within the patient room.
We enjoyed working with the company and staff.

Cassie Patterson

LBSW- Director of Social Services