About Us

Our Story: Fidelity Home Dialysis is the first Staff Assisted Dialysis Company in the State of Arkansas.   Fidelity Home Dialysis was the vision of the company’s CEO to bring to Central Arkansas the modality of Staff Assisted Home Hemodialysis. After seeing the tremendous amount of difference that Staff Assisted Home Hemodialysis was making in other states the decision was made to bring this modality to Arkansas. Therefore, after interviewing Nephrologist, Renal Nurses, Hospital Case Mangers, the State Health Department, and Dialysis Patients, the theory was confirmed, that there was a need.   The facility is a Boutique Dialysis Clinic which is a fully functioning Federal and State Approved ESRD Facility with four in-center stations. Every feature of our facility is geared toward the comfort of our dialysis patients. The vision is to create a spa-Facility catering to the needs of dialysis patients with one-on-one detailed care. (One nursing staff/patient). In-center and in the comforts of their home, with a License Nurse administering every treatment three times a week. Staff Assisted Dialysis also give our patients flexibility to schedule their treatments around their personal schedules.


Staff Assisted vs In Center

  • The same nurse performs each treatment. And more importantly we only use Licensed Nurses to care for you.
  • You use the same machine every treatment. This machine is kept at your home, and for your personal use only.
  • Your treatment time is fitted around your schedule; this means no waiting for a chair like in-center.
  • Because you are dialyzing in the comfort of your home, and not around other patients, there is less chance of infection and getting sick from other patients.



The Fidelity Home Dialysis team consist of the following;

Medical Director: Fidelity Home Dialysis Medical Director is a Board-Certified Nephrologist, whom serves as the Medical Director for the facility and Managing Professional in the State of Arkansas.

Regional Operations Director: Manages the daily operations of the management team to ensure safe and effective in-center Hemodialysis and Staff Assisted Home Hemodialysis care.  Plans, supervises and coordinates all functions in the dialysis facility.

Regional Director of Nursing: Oversees the licensed staff in the patient’s home and will conduct monthly home visits. They will meet with the patient to ensure their treatment is administered safely and to address any concerns.

Field Nurses: All our dialysis nurses are fully trained in the current hemodialysis modalities. They are well versed in caring for renal patients and can trouble shoot independently.

Registered Dietitian: Serves as a personal consultant to the patient and family. Upon reviewing the patient’s nutritional needs and preferences as well as lab results, they will customize a diet for them.

Licensed Social Worker: Works closely with the dietitian. They will evaluate the patient’s social and medical needs, then will provide appropriate resources for them. This includes but is not limited to funding, vocational rehab, and transplant assistance.

Chief Bio-Technician: Provides ongoing maintenance of ALL dialysis equipment. Does monthly quality checks of machine and water sources in the home and in-center facility.

Certified Patient Care Technicians: These individuals function under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse to assist in providing care and implementing delegated activities of hemodialysis treatments and related renal care to patients in our in-center settings.



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